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Workshop Air Conditioning

Air conditioning can sometimes be forgotten about when considering your vehicleís servicing regime, especially in the winter time. However it is crucial to keep it maintained to avoid failure, whatever the weather. Quite often our customerís are surprised at how much more efficiently their carís air conditioning works following one of our services.

It not only keeps you cool in the hot summer months, but also reduces pollution levels inside your car and filters irritants such as dust and pollen.

Our Technicians are fully trained to service and maintain your air conditioning system using the very latest air conditioning equipment and technology:

  • De-gas and vacuum air conditioning system
  • Pressure test system for leaks
  • Ultra violet dye and air conditioning oil added to system to maintain operating efficiency
  • Re-gas system to its required level
  • We can carry out anti-bacterial system clean
  • Final system checks

Donít forgot..Bacteria in your car's air conditioning could even bring on bout of flu!!!

We recommend air conditioning should be re-gassed every 2 years.

Using high quality up to date equipment and qualified staff you can be assured a cool summer and a de-misted winter with this service. A dye is used in the system so if you suspect a leak this can be checked in the future. We can also offer cabin fresh treatment which gives the cabin a long lasting fresh odour.

Air conditioning service with re-gassing is £65 inc VAT

Air Conditioning Anti Bacterial Treatment is £15 inc VAT

Please call us on 01234 855 555 or email us: for advice or to book in your car.

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