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Workshop Performance

We can install all the products we offer in our extensive range of performance upgrades for your VAG car. Here is a brief selection of the services we offer. If the work you require is not featured, contact us to discuss your needs.


We are an approved fitting centre for both Milltek and Blueflame Exhausts systems. We also offer supply and fitting of other major manufacturers systems. Our advisors have the expert knowledge of what is right for you and your car and can advise on looks, noise levels, performance gains, and additional features. However, choosing your system is only the first step! We can supply most systems from stock, or at short notice, and we can get you booked in our workshop with minimal lead time.

Our installation technicians take extra care when fitting performance catalysts, downpipes, and exhaust systems, and they pay particular attention to perfecting the alignment.

We offer a number of performance exhaust options, including

  • Single to double and quad exit conversions
  • Sport Catalysts
  • Performance Downpipes
  • Performance Downpipes with built in cats
  • De-cat Pipes
  • Lambda displacing spacers to eliminate emissions lights

Prices for fitting start from 1 hours labour (75 + vat) and can be done while you wait. Contact us for more details, or to make a booking.

One of the key benefits of having your system supplied and installed at TTS, is the wide range of rear valance upgrade options to accommodate your new exhaust. We can offer painting and fitting of all options shows in our Exterior Styling Department. Contact us for further details.

Induction Kits and Filters

Induction kits and filters work by increasing the flow of air to the car, and/or keeping the air cooler. Cooler air is more dense and therefore allows better combustion. We have experienced better throttle response and power gains into double figures with the best kits.

All of our kits can be fitted in house while you wait, and our most popular kits form an important part of our stage one packages (call for details)

Fitting of filters and induction kits start from 25 + vat

We can also offer filter and kit servicing and part of your regular service regime with us.


When you have improved engine performance, it is important to make sure the brakes match the performance. We offer a huge range of options from OEM replacements to the amazing performance of the Porsche Cayenne 6 pot kit. Our range of workshop services for brakes includes the following :-

  • All round Brake check
  • Replacement Standard Pads and Discs
  • Replacement uprated Pads and Discs including drilled and grooved discs
  • Caliper upgrades from Brembo/Porsche, Tarox and others.
  • Rear Brake upgrades using OE calliper and larger discs
  • Rear brake calliper upgrades
  • Track Day brake upgrades
  • Braided Hoses
  • Brake fluid changes and upgrades

We firmly believe on matching the brake option to you needs, so call us for a quote on your requirements.

Dump Valves and Boost Control Valves

The performance and life cycle of the standard dump valve is very limited and we can fit uprated units that will improved throttle response, especially at gear change. We use marine quality performance hose clips that will not rust and will grip your hoses firmly without damage. We also offer fitting of uprated N75 valves and Boost controllers. Prices start from 25 + vat.

Uprated Silicon Boost Hoses and Coolant Hoses.

Silicon Hoses are one of the most popular performance modifications, as they offer improved performance and great under bonnet looks also! We are one of the largest stockist of silcon hoses for all VAG cars, and our fitting service is popular as home installation can be tricky. We use marine quality performance hose clips that will not rust and will grip your hoses firmly without damage. Call for a quote on fitting for your car.

Performance Clutches

We fit clutches to VAG cars on a daily basis and can often fit clutches while you wait.

With our more powerful conversions we recommend a performance clutch.We can offer a number of options including Spec, Sachs and Helix. Call for details of the options for your car.


Intercoolers are an important part of any turbo system and fitting a larger front mounted unit can lower temperatures enough to give good power gains, especially on warmer days. Fitting a front mounted intercooler is an involved task and our technicians ensure that this is done correctly and one of the key elements that some after market tuners fail to do is to replacing the front bumper correctly to ensure a factory fitted quality. Our workshop technicians know the body panels of most VAG cars inside out (literally!) and as such, you are ensured that your car leaves us looking as good as it did when it came in (and often better!)

Contact us for a quote.

Stage 3/4/5/ conversions

We can offer larger power conversions using NOS, large turbos, water injection and High Lift Cams. All of these conversions are bespoke taking into consideration your current level of tune, your needs and budget. Call to speak to one of our performance specialists.

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