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Workshop Remaps

TTS Roadsport can offer you a selection of ECU upgrade (remap) options to suit your needs

1) Revo software is one of the best available in the world today. With considerable experience in remapping VAG cars, we have extensively tested many of the products available to VAG vehicle owners, and concluded that Revo offer the very best balance of performance, reliability, and price, along with some specialist applications for more custom hardware set ups, including our big turbo upgrades TTS Roadsport have teamed up with Revo Technik to become, what we believe is the best place to have your Revo software applied. As a main Revo Agent, we can offer you the full range of Revo upgrade options from stage 1 to stage 3 remap. Visit our Revo section for more details on the software available for your car.

2) TTS Roadsport Specialist Software Upgrades are our own in-house ECU Upgrades offer another alternative option for the budget conscious VAG car owners. Over the last several years we have built up an extensive database of fully tested software, developed using our technicians knowledge of the vehicles and our software developers worldwide. Visit our TTS Remap section for more information on the software available for your car.

In our experience, different software, works best with some different vehicles and manufacturers. So, for example, software for diesel vehicles (eg 1.9 TDi), may be best sourced from a different supplier than software for small capacity turbo petrol cars (eg 1.8T). Software for non aspirated cars (eg 3.2 ltr V6) may be an area of expertise for one supplier, and software for large capacity (eg 4.2 ltr twin turbo) may be better from another.

This means that rather than visiting a small UK based tuner that applies their ‘own’ software, we would have selected and tested the very best software from the world’s software suppliers, and can give you an unbiased view on what works best for your car. This often means that the software for your car has been applied to thousands of cars across Europe and the World, rather than, as is often the case, you being the guinea pig for a UK tuner that develops software in house from scratch.

What is a good remap?

A good remap is one that delivers a good performance increase, smoothly, across the full rev range, without endangering your engine. Many remaps available in the UK will not give you ALL of these together.

How is a TTS remap applied to my car?

Again, this varies based on what car you have and what software is best for it. Our technicians are some of the most experienced in the UK at applying ‘Hardwire’ remaps (applying the software upgrade directly onto the ECU chip) should it be required. We also have many ‘Direct Port’ (applied through the cars diagnostic port) options for the newer cars.

Why TTS?

On paper, it is a simple process to apply software to a cars ECU through the diagnostic port, and there are many garages in the UK offering this service (plus people on ebay!! And even mobile ‘tuners’ from the small ads) The crucial difference is about what is done to the car before and after. Applying software to a car with a running fault, or mapping a car without fully testing it afterwards can badly damage the engine. It is not just about running a laptop based diagnostic program, it about understanding what to look for, how to interpret ‘logs’ and component feedback, and know what how a car is performing on a test drive.

To discuss the best option for your car and you, give us a call on 01234 853225.

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