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This is one of the first steps to personalise your car, changing the wheels really does make that much difference to make your car stand out from the crowd. We can supply Original Wheels, replica wheels, or the most popular aftermarket wheels (OZ, BBS etc) If your not sure what wheels to go for, or are unhappy about fitting them yourself, as correct fitment is paramount, we can help. It is also extremely important to make sure you use the right bolts and locking wheel nuts, and have them tightened to the right torque setting. We are only a phone call away.

Click here to visit our wheel department

Wheel refurbishing

We also provide a wheel refurbishing service; from repairing minor scuffs to a total change of colour we can arrange this for you. Why not take the opportunity to have your wheels tidied up when your car is with us for other work?

Call 01234 855 555 for a quote.

Wheel Spacers

Are you fitting different wheels on your car? Will they fit correctly? Will you need wheel spacers? Do you prefer the look of fuller filled arches with you wheels in line? Are you having a big caliper brake upgrade and need the wheels to clear? Have you got the correct wheel bolts and locking bolts to fit the wheels securely and safely?

These are very important factors to consider, we will gladly help you to find the answers to all of your questions.

Not only that, we are able to fit them for you in our workshop, where we can make for certain that fitment is totally correct and to your particular needs. There are many factors that determine the correct application (Hub size, spigot adaptors, PCD, offset, brake calliper size, wheel bolt seat type, bolt length) and our technicians and sales guys also know the exact fitment for your car.

Visit our spacers department here and call us for a quote on fitting.

Wheel Alignment

We also offer wheel alignment services - click here for more details.

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