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Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is something that shouldn't be overlooked. If anything has been changed to do with the suspension and steering, the alignment should be checked. If you are experiencing uneven tyre wear, pulling to the left or right, uncentred steering wheel, or poor handling, you should have this checked as soon as possible. If you have your suspension uprated with springs, shocks, or coilovers, you should have an alignment done at the same time, or shortly afterwards.

An alignment isn't just something to have done when you experience a problem or had a modification. Routine alignments (eg at the time of a service) can transform the handling and drivability of your car. With the current condition of the UK's roads, it is very easy for your car to come out of alignment. See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on this.

We can offer a full four wheel laser alignment service, using the very latest equipment, and specialist technicians starting from 50 + vat.

Why Choose Us?
  • We have the highest specification version of the latest Hunter alignment equipment to be able to align your car perfectly.
  • We use the high spec, perfectly level, Maha scissor lift to complete the VAG specification alignment rig.
  • We use the same equipment as the VAG technician training centre!
  • Customer lounge with viewing area to see your vehicle being expertly aligned.
  • LCD Screens in the waiting lounge showing your settings as they are adjusted.
  • Hunter trained alignment technicians to achieve the perfect settings for your car.
  • Hunter trained sales advisors to explain the process and options in detail.
  • We can even email you a copy of the results for your own records.
  • Settings can be fine tuned for optimum tyre life, or ultimate handling.
  • Track Day settings are one of our specialities.
  • Replacement suspension parts kept in stock for immediate rectifying, if a component problem is identified.
  • Specialist Alignment accessories available (e.g. adjustable tie bars / caster shims).
  • We offer specialist alignment for all VAG cars (Audi Volkswagen Seat Skoda)
  • We can also offer alignment for non VAG vehicles

To do an accurate wheel alignment the rig must be installed by laser levellers and the floor/ramp level must be within a tolerance. Is your alignment centre doing your alignment on a perfectly level scissor lift?

We don't just align your car to within range, we aim to get your car exactly in the middle of the range ensuring the very best driving and handling possible. With many cars, this is difficult to achieve, but we spend the right amount of time, to get it right!

There is a big difference between a basic tracking check performed by a high street tyre outlet and a full specialist 4 wheel laser alignment adjustment. Good regular alignment checks are a investment against adverse tyre wear and as such pay for themselves.


4 Wheel Laser Alignment - 79.99 This includes all adjustable front end settings to within manufacturers range

Specialist Settings from 99 (fast road / trackday / cars with other adjustable aftermarket components)

Additional charges may be applied when suspension components are seized and require work to free up and make adjustable.

Hunter Wheel AlignmentHunter Wheel Alignment
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