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Transmission Fluid Changing

Oil is the lifeblood of the engine and transmission system. How often it needs to be changed depends on your gearbox type, driving style and what type of journeys you tend to use your car for.

What is transmission fluid change?

There are several components in the transmission system and it is important to change the transmission fluid periodically. The fluid acts as both a lubricant and a coolant.

Why is it important to replace it?

Transmission fluid, whether natural or synthetic, will have its viscosity broken down through everyday wear and tear.

What happens if it is not regularly replaced?

When the viscosity of transmission fluid breaks down, it becomes less efficient, both as a lubricant and a coolant. Therefore, not only will your transmission’s performance be affected but potentially other components such as the engine may also suffer consequential damage.

How often should it be replaced?

The frequency is dependent on your driving style and type of journeys (for example, long motorway driving or short start/stop journeys). However, we currently recommends the following oil changes for the following transmission or drive systems:

S tronic – up to 40,000 miles
multitronic® – up to 40,000 miles

Quattro drive A3 and TT
Haldex system – up to 40,000 miles